Our suspended platform is safe and easy to use and operate. It has excellent performance and its connection is flexible. The length of the platform can be customized according to your requirements. They can be connected freely and are convenient to transport. The steel suspended platform has multi -safety protection devices, such as automatic titling prevention device, emergency stop device and speed limiting device, upper limit device and manual tripping device.It has rational, compact and artistic construction. The steel structure adopts thin-walled rectangle steel tube and it is hot galvanized so it can give longer life we also use cold galvanizing or spraying technology to deal with its exterior so it can lasts forever.


Our aluminum alloy suspended platform does not need scaffolding, which largely reduces the construction cost and improves the efficiency. It is simple to operate, easy to move, convenient and safe to use.


High quality and reliability are the key priorities for us, thus we carefully select raw materials and use electrical components made by European manufacturers



  • No painting or galvanizing is needed on its outer surface.

  • Surficial oxide film protection layer is rust-proof and anti-corrosion.

  • light weight, 65% lighter than the same type of steel platform used in suspended scaffold.

  • Larger effective load and better resistance to capsizing.

  • More convenient transportation and installation



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