We produce a wide range of passenger hoists, including specialized ones, that can be used in various construction sites, power projects, metallurgical, mining, oil and chemical industries.

High quality and reliability are the key priorities for us, thus we carefully select raw materials and use electrical components made by European manufacturers



  • Lifting up range up to 8000 kg

  • Lifting speed up to 96m/min

  • Attainable max erecting height of 450 m

  • Heat treatment technique

  • Welded steel structure

  • Cage size can be customized according to the customer’s needs

Passenger hoist catalogue

Technical data                        Unit              Parameters


Rated load                                   kg                    2*2000


Cage Inner Dimension               m                 3.0*1.5*2.4



Maximum Mast Height              m                      450


Lifting Speed                           m/min                  0-36


Rated Power                               kw                   2*3*11


Rated voltage                               v                       380


Anti-falling safety                      m/s                    1.15

device speed of action


Base enclosure weight              kg                     1350


Cage weight                                kg                    2*1300


Mast section dimension          mm             650*650*650


Mast section spec                     mm                Ф 76.5

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