• Smooth cutting motion ensuring long life of the cutting blade


  • Handy to operate and control the machine ensuring safety whilst in use


  • Eliminates greasing and reduces the wearing and tearing working parts to minimum.


  • Since there are no gears and clutches the machine is virtually maintenance free


  • Incorporate overload value, which is designed to operate in case of overload


  • 3-phase power motor ; can be provided with a diesel engine as an alternative.




  • Powerful hydraulic systems and high -quality materials in all parts


  • Extended lifetime due to High-grade steel roller from heat treatment


  • linear bending force system designed to give smooth constant bending at all angles


  • capable of bending lots of steel bars at the same time


  • adaptable to various bending radii as required up to 180 degree


  • Easy usage due to rotating angle adjustment knob


  • very accurate angle adjustment is placed on the side of bar bender to keep machine top clear


  • set of accessories provided to adjust in case of bending small steel bar.


TYPE                              ET-C32


Capacity                       UP TO 32 MMSD 50

Motor                            3 Hps/220v 5.5Hps/380V

Dimension L*W*H     1060*800*840

Weight                          680 kg

Hydraulic Power         64 TONS

Cutting Speed              5 Sec/3Hps 3 Sec/5.5Hps

TYPE                                 ET-B32


Capacity                           UP TO 32 MMSD 50

Motor                               3 Hps/220v 5.5Hps/380V

Dimension L*W*H         1060*900*950

Weight                              707 kg

Bending Time to 180°    7 Sec/5Hps 13 Sec/3 Hps

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